Michael Malin

I do design of any system from the concept - to the start of production..

Michael's Electronic Design

Michael's electronic product design services include end-to-end electronic product development. As an electronic product design and development services enterprise, he perform all phases of new product introduction, from design, development, prototyping and transition to manufacturing. He can help you finalize your concept, find ways to reduce your product costs, and offer innovative solutions to challenging engineering problems.

 For companies creating potentially disruptive technologies that require untested solutions to be developed, Michael's "Phase 0" feasibility study service reduces your risk and helps you firm up your budget by having 40 years of experience how your product can be built and its functionality enabled at your target price point. He will document a plan that shows how every phase of your solution can be engineered to meet your requirements, right down to producing a costed Bill of Materials, up front. For highly complex and breakthrough technologies, the feasibility study takes the risk out of your project and puts it on the path to success within a defined scope and budget.

Michael's Electronic Design Services Includes:

Michael develop customer-specific products and know-how-related solutions.

Validation and Test

We will actualize the sweep chain amid the plan format stage to augment test inclusion. We guaranteeing the conveyance of a model set that is completely tried and prepared to control up for utilitarian assessment.